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Safe Email Practices with the WannaCry Threat


Insite Online Banking

One way to think about safely using email in a business setting is to consider the three strike rule. Yes, a good baseball analogy is fitting in this situation when it comes to WannaCry.

First strike – IT IS AN EMAIL! But this email just got up to the plate so it is just getting started.

Second strike – Is it from someone you know? If not, consider deletion. The count is now 0 and 2. Not looking good for this email.

Third strike – Does it have attachments or links? No question about it. If you get to three strikes, delete it.

In this situation three strikes should, without question, lead directly to deletion. Do not be concerned about whether or not it may be a valid email. If it is a valid email that requires your action, they will call to discuss and resend if necessary. Given our ransomware environment, it is better to error on the side of safety than to wish you had after clicking on the attachment or link.



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